About BlendApps software

Before introducing you to Blendapps, you must first understand what a mashup is (if you don’t already); a mashup is basically some sort of software or technological hybrid, where two platforms or concepts are combined in a way that is harmonious and efficient. A mashup combines data/information and applications from and across multiple sources but you would never guess that they are from more than one source because there is a level of seamless integration and combination. This integration is done through experience developers such as Aquro.com. Blendapps is one of these mashups; it is a chat mashup. Blendapps, like most mashups works through the use of online technology and is hosted online. It is a mashup of cloud computing technology and software that uses AOL platforms as a base and the API’s belong to Google Apps, Ning and Facebook.

Put simply, and all the computer and software jargon aside, Blendapps basically allows users to create chat rooms for Facebook or Ning networks. The aim is to allow and enable users to connect with friends, family and loved ones all over the world at any time with just the click of a button.

ning-networksDebuted in 2008, Blendapps solely provided services for Ning Networks and has since remained loyal to Ning but also branched out. Meebo is the platform of choice as Userplane shut down in 2013 following the acquisition of the platform by AOL. Blendapps is one of the early implementers of Google App Engine, a big advantage for the mashup.

It doesn’t take a coder to use Blendapps, all you need is the ability to type. Internet users create a chat room that will import Facebook or Ning display photos. The chat rooms are secure and take only minutes to activate. Blendapps loves hearing from users and is constantly looking for ways to improve their offerings so feel free to reach out and contact us.