What Can Blendapps Do For Membership Organisations?

It’s 2015. The world has changed and it isn’t going back to where it was. Not using social networking means not reaching the levels that may be possible. But that doesn’t mean: join Facebook and forget it.

What Blendapps does is to enable anyone to put together their own networking platform the way they want it to be. Not just the way they wanted to look (though that’s important, too) – the way they want it in its totality.

Social_NetworkFacebook, LinkedIn and the rest of them are wonderful platforms that have done great things for a lot of people but it’s a mistake to imagine that that’s all there is. Before there was Facebook, there was still social networking. Heck, before there were computers there was social networking – people talked to each other, phoned each other, wrote to each other.

But now, the vast majority of interactions take place online and in real time.

Marketing was a huge impetus for the growth in social networking. People started getting online (and people embraces everything from a one-man hobbyist to multinationals with global reach and huge workforces) because they found it made it easier to sell things. Then it became the best way to sell things. And in some cases, it ended up as the only way to sell things.

It also made the playing field that little bit more level. Someone might be on his or her own and operating out of a terrace house somewhere but if they presented themselves correctly, no one knew the difference between them and the employer of fifty people in luxurious offices somewhere. So they got to make a sale they would not otherwise have made and once the customer had taken delivery and realised that the quality was as good as anyone else’s, the sales continued.

But what we know now is that marketing is not the end – there’s far more potential in social networking than that. Get in touch with Blendapps and find out what we can do for you.